Our Public Schools Can Do Better

  • Roughly two thirds of OASD students are not proficient in math or reading.
  • Families are leaving the district at a record rate.
  • The majority of families would not recommend our schools to their friends.
  • Economic, racial, and disability status disparities remain unchanged.
  • We are being taxed at over 4.5 times the rate we were told for the referendum.
Rather than showing the community real results, our district leadership continues to deliver platitude and rhetoric. We need change and accountability. We need real improvement.

My education and experience make me uniquely qualified to serve on the Oshkosh school board to bring about the requisite change so that our students can achieve their best.

The major issues we need to address

Student Achievement

Roughly 2 out of every 3 kids in our schools are not proficient in english language arts or mathematics. Compared to other districts, we are in the bottom third of the state in achievement.

Ultimately we want our students to learn how to think critically for themselves, but how is this possible for many if they struggle to read or do math?


Our school board appears to believe that they have achieved accountability by setting goals for english language arts into board policy. However, I would contend that accountability is achieved by the actions they take after the district administrators either achieve, or fail to achieve the set goal. Read More

Fiscal Transparency

There is no excuse for our district leaders to tell tax payers one thing to secure a referendum vote, then do something completely different once the referendum is approved. Our district has taxed property owners at over 4 times the amount originally claimed in 2020 for the building referendum. Read More

Other issues:
Voice of the Teachers

Qualifications for service


I hold a PhD from UW-Madison in Statistics and Educational Research Methods.

Classroom Experience

As a former professor of Mathematics I understand the challenge of motivating students to learn difficult subjects.


Former Captain / Commander of 250 soldier company in WI Army National Guard in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and small business owner.

Community Service

Presently serving on board of Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corporation and emeritus board president of Habitat for Humanity of Oshkosh.

Financial Proficiency

Taught financial mathematics and serves as development financial consultant. Have published academic works on real estate valuation and finance.

How can you help?

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It is time for change and accountability in Oshkosh public schools.

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